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Largest places in Libya

The largest cities and places in Libya at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Libya.

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Largest places in Libya
Tripoli Tripoli1.Tripoli Tripoli1,150,989
Benghazi Benghazi2.Banghazi Banghāzī650,629
Misratah Mişrātah3.Misratah Mişrātah386,120
Tarhuna Tarhuna4.Al Marqab Al Marqab210,697
Al Khums Al Khums5.Al Marqab Al Marqab201,943
Az Zawiyah Az Zāwīyah6.Az Zawiyah Az Zāwiyah200,000
Zawiya Zawiya7.Az Zawiyah Az Zāwiyah186,123
Ajdabiya Ajdabiya8.Sha`biyat al Wahat Sha‘bīyat al Wāḩāt134,358
Sabha Sabhā9.Sabha Sabhā130,000
Sirte Sirte10.Surt Surt128,123
Al Jadid Al Jadīd11.Sabha Sabhā126,386
Tobruk Tobruk12.Sha`biyat al Butnan Sha‘bīyat al Buţnān121,052
Zliten Zliten13.Misratah Mişrātah109,972
Sabratah Şabrātah14.Az Zawiyah Az Zāwiyah102,038
Tagiura Tagiura15.Tripoli Tripoli100,000
Al Marj Al Marj16.Al Marj Al Marj85,315
Gharyan Gharyan17.Sha`biyat al Jabal al Gharbi Sha‘bīyat al Jabal al Gharbī85,219
Darnah Darnah18.Darnah Darnah78,782
Al Bayda' Al Bayḑā’19.Al Jabal al Akhdar Al Jabal al Akhḑar74,594
Yafran Yafran20.Sha`biyat al Jabal al Gharbi Sha‘bīyat al Jabal al Gharbī67,638
Bani Walid Banī Walīd21.Misratah Mişrātah46,350
At Taj At Tāj22.Al Kufrah Al Kufrah46,050
Zuwarah Zuwārah23.An Nuqat al Khams An Nuqāţ al Khams45,000
Murzuq Murzuq24.Murzuq Murzuq43,732
Awbari Awbārī25.Sha`biyat Wadi al Hayat Sha‘bīyat Wādī al Ḩayāt42,975
Brak Brak26.Sha'biyat Wadi ash Shati' Ash Shāţiʼ39,444
Az Zintan Az Zintān27.Sha`biyat al Jabal al Gharbi Sha‘bīyat al Jabal al Gharbī33,000
Al Abyar Al Abyār28.Al Marj Al Marj32,563
Waddan Waddān29.Al Jufrah Al Jufrah27,590
Nalut Nālūt30.Sha`biyat Nalut Sha‘bīyat Nālūt26,256
Mizdah Mizdah31.Sha`biyat al Jabal al Gharbi Sha‘bīyat al Jabal al Gharbī26,107
Surman Şurmān32.Az Zawiyah Az Zāwiyah25,235
Al Qubbah Al Qubbah33.Darnah Darnah24,631
Ghat Ghat34.Sha`biyat Ghat Sha‘bīyat Ghāt24,347
Masallatah Masallātah35.Al Marqab Al Marqab23,702
Tukrah Tūkrah36.Al Marj Al Marj23,164
Az Zuwaytinah Az Zuwaytīnah37.Sha`biyat al Wahat Sha‘bīyat al Wāḩāt21,015
Hun Hūn38.Al Jufrah Al Jufrah18,878
Zaltan Zalţan39.An Nuqat al Khams An Nuqāţ al Khams17,700
Al Jawf Al Jawf40.Al Kufrah Al Kufrah17,320
Suluq Sulūq41.Banghazi Banghāzī15,543
Al Burayqah Al Burayqah42.Sha`biyat al Wahat Sha‘bīyat al Wāḩāt13,780
Bardiyah Bardīyah43.Sha`biyat al Butnan Sha‘bīyat al Buţnān9,149
Ghadamis Ghadāmis44.Sha`biyat Nalut Sha‘bīyat Nālūt7,000
Awjilah Awjilah45.Sha`biyat al Wahat Sha‘bīyat al Wāḩāt6,610
Giado Giado46. 6,013
Qasr Abu Hadi Qasr Abu Hadi47.Surt Surt4,890
Idri Idrī48.Sha'biyat Wadi ash Shati' Ash Shāţiʼ4,611
Al Qatrun Al Qaţrūn49.Murzuq Murzuq4,500
Al 'Aziziyah Al ‘Azīzīyah50.Sha`biyat al Jafarah Sha‘bīyat al Jafārah4,000

1 - 50 of 53 places
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